When I was in middle school, my parents purchased a printer that came with a small digital camera. I’m sure the digital camera was an afterthought for them, but I took that camera and made it my own. At first, my friends loved to oblige me in my photography obsession, but with my never-ending love, it eventually turned into begging and pleading to keep my subjects in front of me.

While I’ve dabbled in landscape and object photography, my passion has always been with portraits. People are part of what make life so amazing. Sure, my favorite backyard tree may be amazing, but it’s the memories with friends and family that I always recall when I see it. I want to help you capture those moments to help you cherish them forever.

I love the look of natural light photography. Sure, we can achieve some simple, controlled shots in a studio, with perfect lighting, and a perfectly-iron background, but life doesn’t happen that way, and neither should your photographic shots! I specialize in natural light photography that’s taken on-location. We can do your shots in your favorite park, in your backyard, at your favorite spot, or at any of the suggested areas I’ve found to be amazing for photos.

Born and raised in the Iowa area, I love scouting out for the perfect locations. There’s one good thing to be said for our intense seasons: we get the most beautiful of the winter and the most beautiful of the summer all rolled into one! Almost like an adventurer, I’ve scouted out some of the most perfect downtown areas for urban shoots alongside quaint, luscious parks to keep you in touch with nature.

It’s my goal to make you look as beautiful as you already are. Whether you just want pictures to boost your confidence or you want to celebrate something (like an engagement), we’ll work together to provide you with images that you’ll be proud to share.

All you have to do is contact me, and we’ll get started setting things up right away.

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