Winner of the Annual Iowa Aviation Photography Competition!

I’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out if I’d won the annual Iowa Aviation photography competition that the Iowa Department of Transportation puts on. I submitted my photos at the beginning of October, and I have to admit: it has seemed like an eternity to find out if any of my photos placed in the competition. Happily for me, I received an e-mail today that winners have been selected – and that I’m among them!

Taking photos of aviation is something I’m really passionate about. Just like my Central Iowa portrait photography business, I love that I’m able to meld my passion for photography into my passion for aviation so smoothly. Just like my food photography, it makes me happy when I can immortalize the love of freedom and adventure that aviation represents.

I hope you’ll celebrate with me. Here are some of the winning photos!

First Place: Flight Training


First Place: Gliders

gliders (1)

 First Place: Ground-To-Air

ground_to_air (1)

First Place: Classic Aircraft

aircraft_classic (2)

First Place: Modern Aircraft


Other honorable mentions include:

  • Third Place: Modern Aircraft
  • Second Place: Gliders
  • Provisional First Place: Gliders
  • Provisional First Place: Fly-Ins and Airshows
  • Provisional First Place: Hot-Air Balloons
  • Provisional Third Place: Agricultural Aviation
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