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Looking Back at the Summer’s Farmer’s Markets

With┬átemperatures dipping into the frigid digits, I thought it’d be time to showcase some of my favorite images from one of my favorite summer activities. I have to take the memories of the warm, happy season where I can get them, right?

One of my favorite things to do in new cities is explore their Farmer’s Markets. Not only does it give me a chance to see the city on a more micro scale, but I get the chance to support some of the smaller businesses in the area, usually pick up some coffee from the smaller cafes in town, and learn more about the community itself. When shopping at my local markets, it gives me a way to learn more about some of the healthy living initiatives the community is doing, and, of course, I can get produce straight from local farmers. Plus, for whatever reason, most markets now have a cupcake vendor – and it’s hard to turn down a delicious cupcake on after a relaxed walk through the markets.

Even if you’re not much for the markets, you have to admit that the atmosphere and lovely colors can take you straight back to the nice, relaxing weekend days of summer!














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Iowa Winters…in March

So, it’s March – yet there’s still a ton of snow on the ground. Maybe I need to try photographing next year in March, but my memory doesn’t lead me to remember snow sticking around quite so long in years past. This week, though, I was taking a 3-hour drive, and the trees looked so beautiful. It was a stunning mixture of the hazy conditions, the blowing snow, and the complete overcast sun conditions.

To me, it just seemed to signify exactly what winter is all about and what winter is supposed to look like. I loved the stunning winter scenery enough to pull off of the highway onto gravel roads (and expose my car to those silly rocks) to get out of the way of traffic to get some fantastic winter photos of the rural scenery in Iowa in the winter.


winter_trees (3)


winter_trees (5)


winter_trees (2)

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