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Capturing Angie’s Unique Fashion Style

While I love shooting families and pets, there’s something particularly fun about shooting for the sole purpose of showing off fashion and style. After all, there aren’t too many fashion bloggers in this part of Iowa, so when Angie contacted me looking for some shots to use for her lifestyle blog, I knew it was time to come up with some beautiful places in Cedar Falls, IA for photography to highlight her stylistic choices.

As an added bonus, Angie doesn’t often visit the Cedar Falls area – and what better place to take a tourist than the Cedar Falls Downtown area? That’s exactly what we did. Not only did I find some fantastic places to showcase some of her favorite outfits, but I also managed to introduce her to Scratch Cupcakery. (She’s a convert now!) The staff at Scratch Cupcakery was even nice enough to allow us to take a few shots of her first visit.

Check out some of these beautiful shots of Angie – and visit her lifestyle blog, Artista Angie, while you’re at it!

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer in Scratch Cupcakery

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer in Scratch Cupcakery

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

Artista Angie Photographed by Cedar Falls Photographer

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Amazing Autumn Portraits with Nina!

One of my favorite things about photographing portraits is getting to photograph and interact with so many different people. It’s always a lovely surprise to see how people react to a camera. When photographing Nina on a lovely autumn morning, I wasn’t expecting the lovely “serious” look she can pull off! While I’d regularly have to remind her to smile for me, she has this intense and serious look that lends itself so well to any type of high-end, fashion photography – and she just seems to do it so naturally!

Like other Cedar Falls photography sessions I’ve been enamored with this fall, I asked Nina to bring something that represeted one of her hobbies. Her guitar was the perfect addition to her shoot, and it brought out more of her playful side. While she’s still learning to play, she clearly looks fantastic while doing it – I know she’s going to be a natural!

Check out some of my favorite shots from Nina’s lovely photoshoot:



nina_cedar_falls_photographer_portraits-3 nina_cedar_falls_photographer_portraits-4



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Stunning Fall Portraits with Anna!

Photographing early morning sessions in the middle of Fall are some of my favorites. Not only do you get the gorgeous sunrise to light up the photos, but the changing seasons provides some beautiful fall leaf colors for amazing backgrounds that only enhance already-beautiful portraits. That’s why I was pretty excited to schedule my session with Anna for early in the morning.

When I let Anna know that I wanted to try incorporating props to help express her personality, she was really game! As a purveyor of delicious coffee, she came prepared with piping-hot coffee and one of her favorite mugs – you can actually see the gentle steam rising up from the cup in quite a few of the photos! As a fellow photographer, she brought her own camera to the shoot. I know how rarely I get photographed when I have my camera on me, so it was great to get some shots that feature her similar love for being behind the lens.

Check out some of these great shots!






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Christina and Phillip Welcome a Gorgeous Girl to their Family!

While I find newborns adorable, I’ll admit that I haven’t had the chance to spend too much time around the little humans throughout my adult life. Like anywhere else in the animal kingdom, there’s something very special about the bond that the parents seem to find with a baby when they take responsibility for caretaking and keeping the child safe.

I’ve known Christi for a really long time; we actually met in college. Now that we’re a couple years older, she’s started a family, and an adorable one at that! Her daughter was an absolute joy to photograph. I swear, she’s going to grow up being so comfortable in front of a camera. Not only was she a delight to photograph, but you could clearly see the love between the entire family – even with something as simple as feeding or rocking her to sleep.

I’m looking forward to seeing her grow up – and hopefully getting the chance to capture even more of her memories as her little toes grow into a bit-bigger toes!

Check out some of these lovely photos of Christi’s gorgeous family:

newborn_chr_session (1)

newborn_chr_session (2)

newborn_chr_session (3)

newborn_chr_session (4)

newborn_chr_session (5)

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Lovely Autumn Portraits

It’s an absolute treat to get to take photographers with someone you’re comfortable with – and who has an absolutely amazing charisma in front of the camera. That person happens to be my sister, Carrie. While I’ve taken portrait photos of her in the past in the middle of the summer, we both thoughts that gorgeous autumn colors would lend themselves well to her complexion. What do you think? Did we succeed?

autumn_carrie (18)

autumn_carrie (23)

autumn_carrie (36)

autumn_carrie (38)

autumn_carrie (13)

I had the chance to play a photographer in Oelwein Iowa, and it’s surprising how much city this town has! Nicknamed “Hub City”, Oelwein used to be a hub for commerce and trains in Iowa. It has quite a party-filled history, honestly. Now it has a charming main street district to explore as well as a local train museum. It’s definitely a city with a lot of charm.

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