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Austen and Tawnee are Engaged!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Austen and Tawnee for awhile now, and aside from being pretty awesome people, they’re pretty fun-loving and adventurous as well. When I brought up the idea of locations for their Quad Cities photography, we all agreed to drive around some of the neater areas of the cities, learn more about the city, and to stop when we found fantastic locations.

Looks like everyone’s flexibility paid off! The couple loves sealife (and especially octopuses!), and we came across this gigantic, gorgeous mural featuring a huge octopus. We also spent some time along the Mississippi river, and you can see some of the Quad Cities bridges in the backgrounds.

I’m glad I got the chance to take some of their lovely engagement photos, and I’m looking forward to photographing the wedding! I’ve been told it’s going to be a great time, surrounded by their friends, so I’m glad I’ll get to memorialize those moments for them.

tawnee_and_austen (6)

tawnee_and_austen (8)

tawnee_and_austen (1)

tawnee_and_austen (7)

tawnee_and_austen (9)

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Amanda and Neil are Engaged!

I had a wonderful time photographing Amanda and Neil. Not only is it obvious that they both are intensely in-love, but it’s fantastic when I work with a couple who knows what types of photographs they’d love. I always love expressing my own creative freedom, but as part of my job is to make sure you get the perfect images that you want, I loved it when Amanda would suggest ideas throughout our session.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re both Cyclone fans, right? It was great to be able to discuss the campus with both of them.

They were a blast to photograph, and they look so adorable together! Here’s to wishing them an amazing wedding and future together!


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