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Why Make a Photo Black and White?

I absolutely love using filters and other photographic techniques in my photography. In fact, I think it’s one of my favorite things about photography in general (aside from getting the chance to capture real, genuine moments and aspects of people’s lives).

Depending on the color (or lack thereof) of a photograph, the mood is entirely altered. As I was editing older Easter photos today (hey! sometimes I get backed up on my own personal photos as I prioritize client photos), I decided, for fun, to change it to black and white. You can see that the entire mood and feelings evoked from the photograph morph into something else entirely as it’s put into black and white.

  easter (2)

easter (1)

However, I know some people love to remember their memories and selves in color – as you should! The world has a ton of fantastic colors that should be treasured. That’s why, in any session, if I choose to apply a color change like this, you’ll receive a copy of the color change alongside the original photo as well. Everyone has different tastes, and just because I fell in love with a stunning black and white photo of you, you might end up loving the color version more. I think it’s important that I let you decide which one is better for yourself.

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