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Another Winner at the Dr. E.H. Stumme Art Show

While I love shooting clients professionally, I tend to spend a lot of my free time still hidden behind a camera as I capture wildlife, events, and other parts of my life through the lens. While I feel a certain amount of happiness and fulfillment from showcasing exactly how beautiful someone can be, it’s always fun to grow my skills in other areas of photography – whether that be landscape, animal, events, businesses, or more. There’s a lot here to keep a Cedar Falls, IA photographer busy!

Once in awhile, I get the chance to submit some of my photo projects to various competitions. The Denver, IA library was having an art show, and I took the time to mount and frame two of my favorite photos from the last year – and enter them into the “professional” category. Not only was it great to support the library’s support of the arts, but it was fantastic to see my shots hanging up next to other’s photos!

The enjoyment didn’t end there. During the artist’s reception, I was quickly led over to one of my prints – which had won 1st place in the “Professional Photography” category.

Cedar Falls, IA Photographer Award

Cedar Falls, IA Photographer Award

Cedar Falls, IA Photographer Award

I am excited to have won 1st place for “Haunted Hovel” at the Dr. E.H. Stumme art show at the Denver, IA library. Here’s to getting ready to have killer shots for next year!

A Year Full of Airplanes

The time has come around this year, again, for Iowa DOT’s annual aviation photography competition. Like previous years, I’ve culled out some of my favorite airplane-themed photos for submission in the competition. It’s a hard decision, and narrowing down some of my favorites is difficult to do from the hundreds of aviation photos I’ve captured throughout the year.

Plus, there are just so many different aspects of aviation that can be captured on film! The Iowa DOT offers different categories to make it easier to judge and categorize them, but narrowing down which shots I want to submit is a bit like trying to pick a favorite food; it’s just hard to do! There’s something about the magic of a child’s eyes when he/she gets near airplanes, and there’s something about the structural beauty and design of the metalwork of an airplane. Capturing a student’s perseverance and dedication to earning a Pilot’s License is beautiful while airshows and gatherings of fly-in pilots capture another aspect of the aviation community.

That being said, here are some of my favorite aviation shots that I submitted to the 2017 Iowa DOT Aviation Photography Competition.

Looking Back at the Summer’s Farmer’s Markets

With┬átemperatures dipping into the frigid digits, I thought it’d be time to showcase some of my favorite images from one of my favorite summer activities. I have to take the memories of the warm, happy season where I can get them, right?

One of my favorite things to do in new cities is explore their Farmer’s Markets. Not only does it give me a chance to see the city on a more micro scale, but I get the chance to support some of the smaller businesses in the area, usually pick up some coffee from the smaller cafes in town, and learn more about the community itself. When shopping at my local markets, it gives me a way to learn more about some of the healthy living initiatives the community is doing, and, of course, I can get produce straight from local farmers. Plus, for whatever reason, most markets now have a cupcake vendor – and it’s hard to turn down a delicious cupcake on after a relaxed walk through the markets.

Even if you’re not much for the markets, you have to admit that the atmosphere and lovely colors can take you straight back to the nice, relaxing weekend days of summer!














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Happy Halloween!

Wishing a happy Halloween to anyone who chooses to celebrate it. Please make sure to enjoy it responsibly and while respecting others. While I’m not a huge fan of wearing costumes, my love for this “spooky” holiday comes in the form of baking. There’s no other time of year where I can make edible brains or candy-decorated treats without them fitting in quite so well!






Happy Halloween, and I hope it’s a good entrance into the upcoming holiday season for you and your families!

Getting to Know Little Puppy Kilo!

Some of my favorite photos of my pets are from when I was a child and they were still little, adorable puffballs in the form of kittens. My parents gave my sister and I kittens when we were still in preschool, and during that Christmas, they captured quite a few candid snapshots of us on those disposable cameras that had to be taken to the local film store to be developed.

While I ended up taking quite a few photos of my childhood pets over the years, most of them showcase my favorite furry friends in their adult years as full-grown animals. While it still captured some of my favorite moments (like knocking over a Christmas tree or an ill-fated adventure into a full kitchen sink), none of those photos show the adorable cuteness that baby animals are known for. As new pets are only babies for a short period of their lifespan, if you want to be able to look back on those few bonding months, getting good photos of your new furry friend is important.

While you can always take your own photos, I also offer pet photography in Iowa. I’m in love with animals – especially baby animals – and I’m happy to help you capture the joy and bond that you have with your pets.

Last week, my parents adopted a new puppy – and of course, I couldn’t wait to take my DSLR over to steal some captured moments of puppy life. Enjoy!

Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer


Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer


Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer


Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer


Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer


Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer


Cedar Falls Iowa Pet Photographer

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