Capturing Amy and Ben’s Playful Family

I’ve been spending so much time on client’s country homes – and it’s making me jealous! Much like other clients I’ve had recently, Amy and Ben live on a gorgeous, sprawling country property that fully envisions everything that’s amazing about Iowa beauty. With large, sprawling cornfields nearby, lovely barns and other buildings as backdrops, and of course, lots of beautiful greenery and trees, Amy and Ben’s home looks like a picture-perfect property.

And of course, this gorgeous property made a perfect backdrop for their playful Iowa family photos. Their son has tons of abounding energy, and he wants to play just as much as he wants to take photos. His playful attitude translated great for photos too – he was up for some anything I asked him to do – and isn’t that the best way to get family photos? Having photos that shows the boundless energy of your family while they’re still young?

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their session:







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Amazing Autumn Portraits with Nina!

One of my favorite things about photographing portraits is getting to photograph and interact with so many different people. It’s always a lovely surprise to see how people react to a camera. When photographing Nina on a lovely autumn morning, I wasn’t expecting the lovely “serious” look she can pull off! While I’d regularly have to remind her to smile for me, she has this intense and serious look that lends itself so well to any type of high-end, fashion photography – and she just seems to do it so naturally!

Like other Cedar Falls photography sessions I’ve been enamored with this fall, I asked Nina to bring something that represeted one of her hobbies. Her guitar was the perfect addition to her shoot, and it brought out more of her playful side. While she’s still learning to play, she clearly looks fantastic while doing it – I know she’s going to be a natural!

Check out some of my favorite shots from Nina’s lovely photoshoot:



nina_cedar_falls_photographer_portraits-3 nina_cedar_falls_photographer_portraits-4



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Stunning Fall Portraits with Anna!

Photographing early morning sessions in the middle of Fall are some of my favorites. Not only do you get the gorgeous sunrise to light up the photos, but the changing seasons provides some beautiful fall leaf colors for amazing backgrounds that only enhance already-beautiful portraits. That’s why I was pretty excited to schedule my session with Anna for early in the morning.

When I let Anna know that I wanted to try incorporating props to help express her personality, she was really game! As a purveyor of delicious coffee, she came prepared with piping-hot coffee and one of her favorite mugs – you can actually see the gentle steam rising up from the cup in quite a few of the photos! As a fellow photographer, she brought her own camera to the shoot. I know how rarely I get photographed when I have my camera on me, so it was great to get some shots that feature her similar love for being behind the lens.

Check out some of these great shots!






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Stunning Fall Portraits with Angela and Shawn’s Lovely Family

The fall season is my absolute favorite for photos. Catch it early enough in the season, and it’s one of the few seasons with gorgeous colors and comfortably-dry (and pretty!) grass to work with. Plus, what kid (or adult!) can resist playing in a beautiful pile of leaves? The answer is “very, very few”.

That clearly was the case when I had the chance to photograph Angela and Shawn’s family at their gorgeous country home. The stunning fall colors only served as a backdrop for a fun-loving and playful family. Their lovely kids offered no complaint when I suggested playing in the leaves, and everybody was up for the challenge of trying some cute pose ideas.

Check out these adorable shots!











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Happy Halloween!

Wishing a happy Halloween to anyone who chooses to celebrate it. Please make sure to enjoy it responsibly and while respecting others. While I’m not a huge fan of wearing costumes, my love for this “spooky” holiday comes in the form of baking. There’s no other time of year where I can make edible brains or candy-decorated treats without them fitting in quite so well!






Happy Halloween, and I hope it’s a good entrance into the upcoming holiday season for you and your families!

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