Capturing Amy and Ben’s Playful Family

I’ve been spending so much time on client’s country homes – and it’s making me jealous! Much like other clients I’ve had recently, Amy and Ben live on a gorgeous, sprawling country property that fully envisions everything that’s amazing about Iowa beauty. With large, sprawling cornfields nearby, lovely barns and other buildings as backdrops, and of course, lots of beautiful greenery and trees, Amy and Ben’s home looks like a picture-perfect property.

And of course, this gorgeous property made a perfect backdrop for their playful Iowa family photos. Their son has tons of abounding energy, and he wants to play just as much as he wants to take photos. His playful attitude translated great for photos too – he was up for some anything I asked him to do – and isn’t that the best way to get family photos? Having photos that shows the boundless energy of your family while they’re still young?

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their session:







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